• Hi there! My Name is Jürgen,
    i am a surveyor and tech geek
    from Franconia (Germany).

  • This site is primarily for private
    purposes, but the public services
    section will be continued!
    ... when i have the time ...


Skill       Knowledge
Bricscad v19 2D constructions
Civil 3D 2014 Civil / DGM modelling
IB&T RZI 2019 Street engeneering
ITWH Gips 8.1 Sewer & drain projects
Stonex S10A GNSS surveying
Leica TCR 805 Terrestrial survey
Ubuntu Server Basic Skills
ESXi Server 6.7 Administration
Windows 7 / 10 User support

Private interests
  • My family & my dogs
  • Exploring caves
  • Raspberry Pi + addons
  • (Travel) routers 2G / 5G
  • Home security
  • Xubuntu (Server)
  • Vector graphics
  • Flat CMS
  • E.D.C.
  • ... and more.

  • Nextcloud interface @ CSA.
    Sorry - only for work!

  • psiTransfer web interface (selfhosted).
  • Click on the + sign to upload files or just drag and drop to this field.
  • Choose the retention period & set password (if desired).
  • Click Upload button to send your files to the server and share the link.

  • droppy web interface (selfhosted).
  • file storage server with a web interface and possibility
    to edit files and view media directly in the browser.
  • Username and password: droppy

URL Link       Description
b-a-u GmbH my current work place
(sorry for this design)
CSA GmbH computer service agentur
EDF forum german vaping forum
Gearbest bargain chinese shop
Banggood bargain chinese shop
Fasttech bargain chinese shop
Aliexpress huge chinese shop

  • Web Mail interface @ CSA.
    Sorry - only for family!

  • EMBY Media Server (selfhosted).
    Sorry - only for me and my family!

  • ReoLink web interface.
    Outdoor Camera for the front door.
    Live Stream and last saved events...

  • MotionOS web interface.
    Raspberry Pi Zero W with Camera addon
    Sometimes online to look after my pets :)

  • Xiaomi security cameras
    Cloud records managed by Mi Home App.
    Motion Tracking, IR light, always on.

  • Kirby CMS Administration Panel.
    Login required!